My New Obsession ~ Baking ðŸ’—

I am a true believer that every woman should know how to cook at least 3 great dinners and bake 1 amazing dessert!

I have mastered several dinners over the last 22 years of cooking for my family. Baking had never been an interest of mine…until one day I decided I wanted to learn to make a Lemon Pound cake!

My Aunt Gaynell makes the best pound cakes in all of Mississippi! Her cakes are to die for. So I wanted my pound cake to be to die for as well. So I set out to make my first cake. This was a couple years ago. You would think I would at least make a call to Aunt Gaynell to get some guidance, tips, or pointers from the pro. NOPE! I didn’t and I paid for that mistake! What a waste of butter, sugar, flour, eggs etc. We could not even eat the cake!!!! 😩

My next attempt to make this cake came on 11/19/16. My Aunt Gaynell (the holy grail of pound cakes) was in Michigan and ready to pass down her coveted recipe to ME! I ran out and brought everything she saId I needed: mixer, measuring cups, ingredients, and a sifter!!!! Then we started.

She walked me step by step through making her famous Lemon Pound Cake with Fresh Lemon Glaze. It was TO DIE FOR!!!! And my family went bananas!!! And my husband fell in love with my Pound Cake!!! Finally some one else in the family can make Aunt Gaynell’s Lemon Pound Cake! And that someone is…ME!!!!

Special thanks to Gaynell McDuffy of MS! 💗

P. S. Cooking for your man should be done in love and sometimes in Heels! 😉


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