We can all be Winners!

I’m sure we have alllllllll heard this before!

Let me first just say I have a winning attitude. I’m all about giving my all and my best to every endeavor life presents.

As I look back over my life I see  several moments in time that I could have given up and walked away from whatever was bothering me. There are 1 or 2 times where I did walk away, but the action justified the reaction.   It is not in me to give up. To quit. To accept defeat, or yell mercy. I fight for the WIN every time! That can be a good and bad trait to have. Lol 😝

I’m sure we have all thought about quitting something that we found to be difficult and/or uncomfortable. For me…that was school! Both high school and college. I thought about quitting every minute of everyday of every year.

I graduated high school on time is the most positive statement I can make about my time in high school. Every moment was torture! And then I compounded that torture by having my son while I was a sophomore!  I fought hard to make it to the finish line of that race.

I knew I didn’t want to go to college right away so I worked, married, and had my daughter. In 2005 I decided to go to Beauty School for 10 months, part-time, and at night to gain my Esthetics License. Beauty school was fun and flew by. I was grateful.

In 2009, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get my Bachelors Degree. Man! When I tell you I kicked, screamed, pouted, and cried my way through college…I PROMISE YOU IM NOT LYING. LOLOLOLOLOL 😂

Oooohhhhhhh But God! I made it over the finish line and received my Bachelors of Science in Business with a Concentration in Management,  September of 2016!!! Yes…..count it up…it took me 7 years to get my degree. In the Biblical world 7 is the number that represents completion. I’m good with that!

I said all of that to say…


Winners are the people that refuse to give up…we can all be winners. 🌟

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